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Welcome to Environmental Lawforce, the website that informs about the research on public law enforcement conducted by the Center for Environmental & Energy Law (CM&ER) of the U.Gent, the Center for Economic Studies (CES), Research Group Energy, Transport and Environment, of the K.U.Leuven, and the Center for Sustainable Development (CEDON) of the H.U.Brussel. The research investigates public law enforcement in general and public law enforcement of environmental law more specifically. It is multidisciplinary – law, economics, and Law & economics – and uses empirical research methods.

The current research builds on the research conducted from 2007 to 2011 within the framework of the IWT/SBO research project “Environmental Law Enforcement: a Comparison of Practice in the Criminal and the Administrative Tracks”. The Environmental Lawforce Database, which will go online in December 2011, was constructed as part of this project. With regard to the research project as well as the database you find more information further on this website.